Windows NT Administrator Job Description

Installation and construction of servers are performed by the Windows NT Administrator. It is really important them to do this job in a proper manner. They can serve as a senior system administrator. They mainly concentrate on the installation of enterprise servers. Enterprise servers are special computers which is having programs or application which is used for the proper working of the enterprise. UNIX and Intel based computers are mainly used for the enterprise purpose, since it is much faster. The basic responsibilities of a Windows NT Administrator includes 1) they are responsible for the making estimates for labor and hardware 2) should install server at isolated locations 3)should include corporate standards, backup configuration and OS installation in the server 4) BMC blade technology should be used for the mechanization of the server. The above described are the basic responsibilities of a NT Administrator. They should also have certain common skills which will help them to perform their job in a proper manner. These skills include 1) should have good communication skills so that they can easily communicate with their colleagues and can easily write and read documents which are job oriented 2) they should be continuous learners so that they can easily learn the changing trends in this field 3) they should have the ability to solve the problems which affects the server 4) they should provide good results and should be self motivated 5) good team works can make the work more easier, so that they should have the ability to work as a member of the team.

As all other jobs, this job also has certain selection criteria. Educational qualification is the most important factor for getting selected as a NT administrator. The person who is interested in becoming a NT administrator should be a degree holder or any equivalent experience. Most of the cases BS or BA are preferred. Most companies are selecting experienced candidates. They should have an experience of 3-5 years, with Windows NT. It is clear the opportunities for these NT administrators are increasing day by day, and more number of candidates is getting selected for this job. These people who are selected as NT administrator are given good salary. This salary depends on the geographical area where they work. The average salary for this Windows NT Administrator is approximately $ 150,000 per annum. This shows that a person can lead a good life be becoming a Windows NT Administrator.