Wireless Engineer Job Description

Wireless communication is a fast growing field. Wireless communication system was introduced in the year 1935. It was first used in FM radios. Use of radio waves for communicating with each other is known as wireless communication. Electrical engineers who are capable of creating and testing wireless systems are known as wireless engineer. This wireless system is used in satellite communication systems, computer networks and cell phones. There are quick changes in this field so these engineers will have to update their ideas and knowledge as per the changes. The development of these wireless technologies is caused by the wireless engineer, because they introduce new and innovative ideas which causes these developments.

The skills required by a wireless engineer consist of 1) they should have a creative mind 2) should have the ability to work as a team along with other members of the team 3) these engineers should have good communication skills so that they can express their ideas 4) they should also have the ability to listen so that they can understand others ideas 5) should work in client facilities 6) should be able to perform more than one task at a time. Candidates who have completed bachelor’s degree in Computer science engineering or electrical engineering can apply for this job. They also should have knowledge about certain subjects like science and mathematics. Some companies ask for experience in programming i.e. embedded system. They should also have to pass examination for obtaining license, in order to work as a wireless engineer. New candidates are given proper training, so that the company can utilize their abilities to the maximum extend.

The use of wireless telecommunication system is increasing day by day. So the chances for these wireless engineers are also increasing. Use of cell phones by the people has introduced new companies into this sector which have many job vacancies for these engineers. Many candidates can also work for defence, wireless communication system and radar is used in defence sector so that many people can apply for job in defence sector. They are used for controlling and maintaining these devices. But there are companies which create and distribute such wireless devices to defence, so many wireless engineers are selected in such companies. These engineers are getting a good salary and as their experience increases they can apply for promotion and can obtain a higher pay scale on the basis of the post they are holding.