X-Ray Technician Job Description

Medical field uses x-ray producing equipments for getting the image of bones and other parts of the body. The operators of these equipments are known as X-ray technician. They are also known as radiologic technician. These technicians help in identifying cracks and other injuries in a human body.  They need to perform a variety of jobs like prepare their patients for taking their X-Rays, check whether these patients are calm and they are in a proper position for taking the X-Ray. Some of these X-Ray technicians are trained to carry out CT scan and MRI scan. Some of the major duties of these X ray technicians are they need to take care of the patient, check whether these patients are keeping the body part, which is to be X rayed, in a proper manner, he should also check whether the equipment is properly placed for taking the X-ray image, once the imaging process is complete he will have to carefully develop it, he should discuss the details with the respective doctor or physicians. They should use necessary shields against the harmful effects of the X-rays. They should have good knowledge about 1) Medical terminologies 2) Anatomy and Physiology 3) Healthcare ethics 4) X Ray physics and 5) Radiation protection.

Many programs are conducted by colleges, hospitals and vocational schools for conducting classes regarding X-ray technology. The course duration may vary from one to four years based on the degree they choose. That is a person who is choosing a degree course should study for four years and others who are choosing diploma and other certificate courses can finish their studies within two years. These people should get the license for practicing as an X-ray technician. One of the important problems which an X-ray technician has to face is that, there are chances for over exposure to these rays which may cause diseases. This is reduced by using gloves and aprons which protect these technicians from the radiations. Certain badges are provided to these technicians and these badges measures the quantity of radiation to which a technician is exposed.

It is clear that the chances in this field are increasing day by day. Hospitals and physicians require the help of these technicians. As said earlier these candidates either complete their bachelor’s degree or else should undergo certain courses conducted by vocational in order to apply for this job. They will be getting a good amount as salary for the work they do. These technicians will be paid around $ 50000 per year.